My Trip To Hatton, Sri Lanka - Complete With Photos!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

You might have noticed that I've been absent from Twitter these past few days. Don't blame me, blame my parents' surprise trip to Hatton! We were visiting a friend of my dad's, and out of nowhere they invited us to go with them to Hatton. So we rushed back home, threw our clothes into travel bags, packed up, locked up the house and set off for the hill-country of Sri Lanka!

It has been almost unbearably hot here in Colombo, where I live, so the cool upcountry air did wonders for all of us. Now, this post is not bookish at all, but since a lot of you guys on Twitter said you'd like to see how my trip went, here we go!

On the day we got there, we decided to go for an evening walk. The word "walk" sounds a bit tame for the trek we had, though. We went up and down impossibly steep steps, like in the picture above. The only "railing" we could hold on to was made up of lengths of BARBED WIRE attached to a few wooden posts on the left. (They had one job. ONE JOB.)

This is me looking dorky and standing in the middle of the railway track we came across. (In hindsight, probably not the safest idea. Do not try this at home.)

More pretty scenery.

Oh, and that's the train which is going on the very track I was standing on before.

The statue of the Lord Buddha at a temple that we passed. It was getting late, but the darkness just illuminated the beauty of the statue. (Little tidbit: every Buddhist temple has a dagaba - or stupa -, a Bo tree, and a statue of the Lord Buddha. When you go to the temple, you worship these three things in that order.)

The next morning, we set off on ANOTHER walk. This time along a nature trail.

We came across this small lake.

That's me, my mother and my sister in front of the lake.

The next day, we took a little road trip to Nuwara Eliya (which is about one and a half hour drive from Hatton). On our way, we passed this - the tallest bridge in the country..

And this is the Devon waterfall. I apologise for the photo quality, had to zoom in from faraway to get it!

And that's about it! We travelled the whole day round and about Nuwara Eliya (a good four hours was spent stuck in traffic), and came back to where we were staying at around six o'clock.

...and that's pretty much it! Sorry, I've never done a post like this before. Hope you actually liked reading it! (PS - I'm looking for a co-blogger to help maintain the blog when I'm off on trips like this, and I'd love it if you could apply here!)

You never really get tired of the hulking great mountains in the background.

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